• We need to foster an environment that is friendly to businesses in Central Massachusetts, in order to stimulate the local economy.
  • We need to prioritize implementing the infrastructure needed to attract businesses to our communities and provide easy commuting access for our residents.   This includes maintaining and upgrading roads, rail improvements, and adding an additional Mass Pike exit between Sturbridge and Palmer.
  • Affordable housing needs to be a priority for every community.  We need to ensure that we have housing available for the elderly, young people, single parents, and people with lower income levels.
  • I am a proponent of the fight for fifteen because I believe that when people are paid a fair wage they will naturally stimulate the economy by utilizing fewer government services and by having more money to spend locally.


  • Finances should never be a barrier to higher education, both college and vocational training.  Those who are willing to earn their educations should be able to do so by using their skills in service to the community.
  • Investment in public schools and universities, must remain a top priority.

Voting Rights

  • Election Day should be a state holiday and early voting should be an option for those who are unable to get to the polls on election day.


  • I believe that all residents of the Commonwealth should be protected and cared for regardless of citizenship status.
  • Immigration is a federal issue and our state and local law enforcement agencies should not be overburdened with spending their limited and precious resources enforcing federal initiatives.
  • Communities are safest when every resident feels safe and comfortable going to the police.


  • I believe that it is the right of every American to receive quality, affordable healthcare, regardless of age, race, gender identity or income level.  By moving towards state administered healthcare, we will not only be able to better provide for the citizens of the Commonwealth, but also relieve some of the burdens on businesses which will help enable them to grow.
  • We must expand our drug treatment industry and addiction support groups in order to fight the opioid epidemic.


  • Community policing and diverse police forces which reflect the demographics of the communities that they serve, are vital to building the trust and communication that fosters greater safety for both the community and members of law enforcement.
  • Religious freedom ensures the right to believe and practice one’s religion freely but does not include the right to impose those practices and beliefs upon others.